What the program does

· The title allows the children to easily create their own multimedia projects, interactive books, talking stories and presentations.

What age range can it be used for

· The programme is supposed to be suitable for children in Key Stage One and Two. However we feel personally it would be more suitable for KS1 children as very basic skills are used.

· This is supported by Madden who reported that most Year 5/6 pupils have already experienced other multimedia products which are agreeably more difficult to use and more challenging in the use of ICT skills but which produce results which are far slicker and professional. That said, for those pupils who struggle with these more familiar products, 2Create is definitely a user-friendly alternative.

· Madden suggests that the title would therefore be more appropriate for Key Stage 1 and Year 3/4 pupils to develop their skills before facing more challenging software in Year 5/6.

Ease of usefor example can a child use it with no adult input:

· Apparently it is easy to install

· Personally we feel children could not use it independently to begin with. We found it very difficult to use independently and had to look for video and help notes prior to making our story. However the 2 create software does include some help videos in order to demonstrate how to use the programme.

· We would therefore demonstrate it to children beforehand. Madden explains that one class of KS1 children who were using the software to create a talking story were given a user guide and a brief overview of how to open the training videos on the software itself prior to starting the story.

Make suggestions of how this program can be used to support any part of the curriculum

· The program could be used to create story boards in literacy.

· Madden explains that year 5 and 6 children used it to create mind maps of different genres of text for their SATs preparation and KS1 children created a talking story using the software.

· The title is well differentiated, starting with the basic version, moving to the middle level and then the advanced level.

Madden, J.