What the program does
Domo Animate (from the creators of Go Animate) is a school-friendly version of Go Animate for pupils to create animations free online. It lets pupils animate characters of their choice and add music and sound effects from a bank of sounds. Pupils can add speech as text bubbles and add interactive elements for story-telling activities. It has been designed to avoid having inappropriate content for school use and so if inappropriate content is attempted to be added it will be scrambled or blocked

What age range can it be used for

This programme could be used by Year 5 and 6 after they have had a demonstration. It could also be used with advanced children in Year 4 who are experience in ICT. It would also be appropriate to use it as a hook or a starter for any other subject. I would make sure that I am confident with the software as a demonstration would be needed before the children try it out themselves. Once demonstrated I think the programme is quite easy to use and can be used in many different areas across the curriculum.