This website is free and allows children to display their work in different formats in a box; children can add hyperlinks, audio and video.


  • There is a tutorial online to show how to use.

  • You can use other people's discovery boxes.

  • You can use audio, video, hyperlinks

  • It is a good way of displaying children's work


  • Have to register - takes five days to validate

  • It is not clearly set out how to use and is dificult to navigate

  • Requires a good understanding and knowledge of ICT - children could become frustrated

  • Requires a high level of teacher input

  • Its not very inviting and could demotivate children.
  • You cannot search for discovery boxes in subject or topic areas; you have to look alphabetically or have the exact topic name. This is time consuming.
  • It is quite limited in the different ways you can use it; as it only allows you to upload your own information.

How to use in the classroom

  • Could use as a interactive display of what children have learnt

  • It could be used for any subject i.e. maths - could explain certain concepts with games.

  • Use on school website to allow children to pratice at home

  • Can show parents what children are learning.