What is Flux time?
  • It's a website there for no need to install it.
  • Create, edit and play your own animtion clips.
  • Flux time is free on the internet to use.
  • You can get an account which means you can save and organise your work, but it isn't free.
  • School membership which includes an administration that means you can mangage accounts.
  • You can tell a story with it
  • Work together with child saftey on the internet (e.g. iwatchdog and familyfriend site)
  • Share and reuse art work
  • Collaborate your animation
  • Show your animation

Is it easy to use?
When you make the animation there is a quick start guide, a manual and examples for inspiration.
In order to make an animation a child and adult would need to get used to the icons at the bottom and the top of the fluxtime studio, as this was difficult when we were creating one.
You would need to read the guide and talk the children through before allowing them to make their own independently.
The interface is not very attractive, so this might not keep children's interest for very long.
Although there was a choice of backgrounds and characters there wasn't as much as we expected.
  • We couldn't save our work, so this would be a problem with children. Although you could get an account, but this cost money.
  • The program loaded well, and didn't have any problems in this area.
  • On the home page it is easy to navigate where to go using the buttons at the side, but on the actual animation it was quite difficult to nagiate.
  • There is a help function.

Could this be used in school?
  • Saves more time than making an animation on movie maker, as you don't need to take pictures they are already there.
  • It would work well in both Key Stages however we feel that it would be more apppropriate for a child in Key Stage 2 as the children may find it confusing and frustrating in Key Stage 1.
Topics it could be used for:
  • Science- Man on the moon, Life Cycle
  • History- Victorians, the Blitz,
  • Literacy- make a story using a background related to chrismas, or on the beach, or in the park
  • Geography- All about the world.
Warning: You are able to access any animations therefore caution needs to be taken when using this website with children as they may find some inappropriate animations.