Task: Create A glogster, my topic: Animations

My Glogster:

What is Glogster:
Glogster is an electronic poster which can be fully designed my yourself or as a pair or even as a group. On your electronic poster you can have a range o texts, graphics, borders and links. For example you can even create a link to a site using a picture you found on google or took yourself with a digital camera.
Also on your Glog you can have videos and podcasts.

Glogster is a perfect tool to express perfectly the topic of the poster being created.

Ways Glogster may be used in the classroom:
  • A way for children to enjoy making posters

  • Teachers can make a Glogster in order to introduce or recap on specific topics being learned. For example, the teacher can create a glog about a country for the subject of Geography, or a glog about E-Safety for ICT or classroom enviroment.

  • A way for differentiation, either higher ability or even lower ability. For example in a science lesson the general and lower ability may make a poster about living organisms to then hang around the classroom. The teacher can differentiate and make the learning activity more challenging for the higher ability by making them have to create an electronic poster.

My Second Glog (resource for part 2 of ICT module assessment)