Why movie making:
  • Free to download (usually comes with computer
  • A range of skills are used, such as: editing, creating, organisation, problem solving. Children also need to be able to think, plan ideas in advance and take charge of their writing.

  • Its a great confidence booster. A way for children to escape from the challenging core subjects and when filming it is an environment where children can frame their own world.

  • Planning skills are used in every step of creating a film. Planning will need to be done in advance before any filming begins. Children will needd to plan camera angle. costumes, props, and settings, ect.

  • Using ICT to create a movie permits:
Creativity Communication
Collaboration Challenge
Craft Confidence

My Examples of using movie maker throughout this module (x2):

Goldilocks and 3 bears
Fior this video I used pictures from google and my own words for texts and credits.

The Ride around Mr. Roberts Farm
Worked with a partner to create a stop and start film, turn it into a movie (using movie maker) and then uploaded it to youtube and my wiki. To create the series of pictures used in the movie, my partner and I used a tuff cam and a series of props. These probs included, 2 pieces of paper as our background, a collection of plastic farm animals, playdough and two plastic people figures. We had to take a series of pictures (several per minute) to perform an effective stop-start film. Once pictures were collected, we then used windows movie maker to create the film. Once film was finished we uploaded it on youtube and our Wikispace. Below is the original version of "The Ride around Mr. Robert's Farm.

Windows Movie Maker what is it?

  • Windows Movie Maker is a piece of software
  • used to capture video
  • and audio to your computer from a video camera, web camera, or other video source, and then use the captured content in your movies.

Further Benefits:
  • You can also import existing audio, video, or still pictures into Windows Movie Maker to use in the movies you create.
  • After editing the audio and video content in Windows Movie Maker, which can include adding titles, video transitions, or effects, you can then save your final movie and share it with others.

When I have made a movie what can I do with it?
When your movie is finished:
  • Add movie to your Wiki
  • Upload to YouTube
  • or even Burn Onto CD/DVD