What the programme does

This is an online resource for and creating multimedia stories and where children can share and view other peoples made up stories and explore real myth and legends from the British Isle. The ‘Create your own’ page offers a number of tools and resources to help children make their own stories. As well as the Story Creator itself there are collections of resources available such as the Image Gallery, the Sound Gallery, the timeline tool and the ‘How to’ guides.

What age range can it be used for

It can be used to retell stories with children in key stage one, however when creating their own it might be best for key stage 2 children as the functions are quite complex

The basic functionality of the programme

At first it appears to be quiet busy and the amount of information provided is useful but slightly overwhelming. However after practicing and getting used to the layout the programme becomes easier to use. Children would need time to investigate what they can do on it before committing to creating their own stories.

Ease of usefor example can a child use it with no adult input

Teacher guidance would be important however it has got a useful child friendly help cue on the Story Create 2 page that explains the different functions as you roll the cursor over them. There is a useful help guide for teachers with parts that they can share with the class such as the figure below to act as a support when creating their stories.

Make suggestions of how this program can be used to support any part of the curriculum

The Teacher Resource Page

This page provides specific examples of how to use the programme in the classroom and specific story resources and lesson plans and ideas.
Offer useful guide on how to make the most of this software in the classroom across the curriculum for art and design geography music. See file below

It specifically supports:

  • composition
  • planning and drafting stories
  • writing for a purpose and an audience
  • incorpororates speaking and listening as well as using it to support collaborative writing
  • understanding text and reading for information and meaning

Myths and legends are part of our cultural history the motivation of the characters helps us to understand the beliefs and values of those who wrote them. Similar stories may also appear in different cultures, reflecting traditional shared beliefs that can be discussed and compared.

  • Knowledge and understanding of people from the past
  • interpretation, example of how myths and legends can be interpreted differently
  • Chronology
  • Change and continuity

Example of how to create a story using the Myths and Legends site. ENJOY!


  • Instantly uploads as it is an online resource and there is no installation.
  • Myths and Legends is fast program which uploads pictures and sounds quickly

  • Screens are well designed and simple to use, no plug in's and the content is error free. Children need to be able to upload files such as sounds and pictures, skills which are suitable for KS2 children.

  • Hyperlinks are accurate and reliable and the program is bug free and fast to upload media

  • Supports specific learning objectives for literacy and history and other cross curricular areas. Children to extend their learning using the specific features and resources available.

  • Useful help guides for children and teachers.
  • Top tips for using the program are available to support children and adults.