• Intro:
Podcasting is a way for children to share their ideas, work and experinces verbally with a potential opportunity to post it on the internet.

  • What is Podcasting
- Like a radio show
- not live but recorded and distributed on internet
- can be listened to whenever plseased
- can be for any top
- how to listen, on website or subsvripe to use it on iplayer, ipod or other mp3 appliances.
- to subscribe to a podcast u need to know the rssb, this is normally on the podcast website
- important to note that e-safety will have to be taken into consideration when podcast it uploaded to interent as well as when children are looking for music and sounds to add.

  • Benefits
- potential audiece to listento work not just teacher
- wrriting scripts (literacy skills)
- develop and practice speaking and listening skills
- think about ict skills as need to be able to edit podcast and even add music
- audience can take part in the podcast by adding feedback in forms of comments (making podcast interactive)
- treamwork is reinforeced if the project is in small groups or pairs.

  • How to make a podcast?
- a school podcast can be a single story or even go as far as being a weekly radio show.
- subscribe using a rssb if parents and other adults want to listen and download the podcast.
basic equipment:
-compiter with a recording appliance (either built in miocrophone or external one).
-recording software, for example audacity, or other programs which may record audio comments and sounds at a scpecefic - location. Iphones and smart phones are two example of micophones which could be used to catch recordings done outside or - simple anywhere needed.
-if podcasts are to be put online or anywhere where parents and other indiviudals may listen and download them, the teacher will need to obtrain parental consent.

Useful resources when podcasting:

Want to add sounds, jingles or music, try these sites out:
FlashKit loops
These are only a few of the many ways to add sound or other additions to one's podcast.