Purple Mash

What the program does

This program is online resource for primary schools to use with a range of resources such as educational games and creative projects. The website supplies the teacher with a number of tools they could use on the interactive whiteboard as well as independent use and group work.

What age range can it be used for

There are tools for KS1 and KS2, we feel that for KS1 there will need to be a lot of teacher support and therefore it may be best to use on the whiteboard for this particular age range. KS2 will still need some direction but there are some activities and games they can carry out individually and in groups.

The basic functionality of the program

A number of activities that will provide children with interactive skills and support a number of lessons across the curriculum. Generic sweep tool.

Ease of use - for example can a child use it with no adult input

Not the easiest program to navigate around, children would need a lot of adult guidance and clear instructions throughout use. The only activities that are self explanatory are the paint projects.

Make suggestions of how this program can be used to support any part of the curriculum

There is a wide variety of games and activities that can be adapted for all areas within the curriculum. Core subjects have unique activities and games supplied however for the foundations subjects there are many tools that could be adapted to suit the lesson.

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