Storybird (****)

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This is a website that allows you to write a story using fantastic artwork by illustrators. You can collaborate with other writers on the same story or write it yourself. You can also read other people’s stories and create a reading list.

You can create a class account and each child can have their own account tied to this. You can also create assignments where children submit a book they have written for that purpose.

This could be used for KS1 or KS2. It is very easy to use, with a great interface and is intuitive. This could be used by children with very little input from the teacher. There are safety features e.g. privacy policy and guardian email when inviting collaborators.



To create your story you choose an illustrator, then the pictures filter into the work space. Next, you simply drag and drop these into the book pages and type your text.



This would be great for creative writing, and can be differentiated by outcome. Different activities could be:
  • A theme could be used where the children have to find appropriate illustrations
  • Free creative writing
  • Individual or group writing
  • Class story
  • Teacher reading a story
  • Guided reading

This video shows how to create a story using the software:

You have to save work before you close so the children's work is safe from being 'lost'!
Reading lists can be created for children or by chilidren. They can send their work to each other and give positive comments as feedback or in response.

Safety Information.
We designed Storybird to be a safe place for kids and their families.
There is no chat engine built into Storybird, so there’s no way for children to have a real-time conversations with anyone.
Storybird does NOT create public profile pages for members that reveal their interests, locations, phone numbers, etc.
The only public presence you can have are your stories or the comments you make about other people’s stories. On Storybird, you are what you make—nothing else.
Storybirds can be made private and only shared among people you choose. If you want, you and your kids can have a completely anonymous experience.
All Storybirds that are shared publicly are reviewed before appearing in the library. If inappropriate material is found the Storybird is pulled and any Storybird can be flagged for immediate review.