In Hampshire the application is known as Wiz Kid - partnership site of Study Wiz. It seems a useful way of communicating with
both parents and pupils and for publishing home work, parent information and enables children to submit work electronically. It is also a good way of sharing resources within year groups and 'news' issues for particular year groups or whole school.
It was used regularly by alot of Hampshire schools when the snow hit the area, for work to be uploaded and completed for the children's return to school. Here are some screen shots of what StudyWiz looks like for a teacher and how it can be used effectively for a whole year group.
The welcome screen:


Using StudyWiz to share song words for the years production.

Using StudyWiz for spellings each week.

You are able to put useful website links and sites you wish the children to visit either in lessons or for homework.This was used a lot during the snow days!
Teachers can create Discussion threads - all the year group can add information to it and teachers can too!

discussions.JPG discussions_teachers.JPG