A build up of useful links over the couse of this ICT option module


Lesson One (9/2/2011)

To make displays more interesting: use flaming texts,

Ideas to inspire link:

Heather's Animations



Lesson Three

Voki: http://www.voki.com/, creating your own invention of your avatar. It is a way for children to for example to create a story verbally online rather than in written form in their workbooks.
Moodle : http://moodle.org/
PhotoPeach : http://photopeach.com/
Blabberize: http://blabberize.com/
Wigflip: http://wigflip.com/

IMP: WizKid (a detailed explanation of this resource is in the Seminar Page of this Wiki),
Due to not having a login and password, personally I cannot get on WIzKid; however, below is a link with audio and video programs in order to gain an understanding as to how I may use WIzKid and what is involved around this Learning Platform. --> http://www.ictvideohelp.co.uk/studywiz.html NOTE: this site is also very helpful for Moodle, Wordle and a range of ICT resources. All videos and audio commentaries are able to be embeded into my WikiSpace.

Information web page: Title of Page --> Classroom with out walls using electronic resources: details about what Web 2.0 involves.
Useful for teachers and gaining knowledge about technology. --> http://knol.google.com/k/pam/classroom-with-out-walls-using/1bn0zlkzj3eqt/86#

Other useful site on Learning Network: http://www.3x3links.com/winchester This site includes a range of resources for a teacher. For example the resource of creating online book. This site is called Myebook and if free and is a perfect way for children to create books and when they are finished to see a complete published and finalized copy of their own creation. A second example is StoryBird, free to login and a way for children to create a story book, using other people's art.

Others to consider in more detail:
Clay yourself
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